Knuckle Boom

If you need a crane that can be used for various applications, a knuckle boom crane is your best option. Cranes have made the task of lifting and moving heavy cargo much easier for many workers. However, not all cranes are made alike. Some cranes have more advantages than others.

knuckle boom

What Is a Knuckle Boom Crane?

Also known as loader cranes, articulating cranes, or picker cranes, a knuckle boom crane is a machine that is used to lift weighty objects. Although it looks a lot like a traditional crane, it has one distinctive feature: a boom that can fold like a finger. All knuckle boom cranes have two booms—a main boom and an outer boom—that are connected by a knuckle. This feature allows the knuckle boom crane to become more flexible and versatile than standard crane types. Knuckle boom cranes are used for a variety of applications. Industries like transportation, construction, forestry, and mining use knuckle boom cranes for loading and unloading cargo. Knuckle boom cranes can be mounted onto trucks, marine vessels, docks, and railcars.

What Are the Benefits of Knuckle Boom Cranes?

Have a Greater Payload Capacity A knuckle boom crane offers a greater truck payload capacity than other kinds of cranes. This is because it is more compact and lighter in weight. Since picker cranes are so light, the truck carrying it can easily contain both its regular cargo and the weight of the mounted crane as well. Excel in Tight Spaces Knuckle boom cranes can be used for loading and unloading cargo in restricted spaces. In Europe, knuckle boom cranes are widely used because the roads there are narrower than the ones in North America. However, knuckle boom cranes are also becoming more popular in other parts of the world. Many countries are discovering the benefits of having cranes that is as effective as the standard model but is much easier to use in constricted spaces. Can Be Used for Horizontal Lifting Knuckle boom cranes have horizontal extensions that provide them with longer reach at a lower overall height. As such, these cranes can effectively lift cargo horizontally. Even in low clearance, tight spaces, knuckle boom cranes can be used without causing any damage to the site. Have No Travel Limitations For Your Company You never have to worry about transporting the company crane from one site to another. Since knuckle boom cranes are loader friendly and can be installed on any vehicle or marine vessel, it basically has no travel limitations, which includes marine travel. For instance, if you’ve mounted an articulating crane onto your truck or marine vessel, it can fit anywhere your truck or marine vessel can fit. When you install a knuckle boom crane on a boat, it can travel anywhere the marine vessel travels. Can Be Equipped With Attachments Unlike other crane types, a knuckle boom crane can be equipped with attachments that improve its functionality. When matched with the right attachments, a knuckle boom crane can do lifting and moving operations in a very efficient way. Examples of attachments that can be added to a knuckle boom crane include buckets, pallet forks, and brick/block grabs. Include Multiple Install Configurations Knuckle boom cranes include multiple install configurations that can accommodate the needs of any industry. If you need to transport weighty materials to a construction site, a knuckle boom crane can be mounted on your truck. When you need to load heavy cargo onto a marine vessel, a loader crane can be fitted onto a marine vessel or dock. Provides Better Control Over Loads Compared to other crane types, knuckle boom cranes offers the operators with significantly better control over capacity amounts. This means that the load carried by a knuckle boom crane can be placed precisely where it’s meant to be placed. Operators of a knuckle boom crane will find it easy to move the cargo anywhere it’s supposed to be moved, from the ground to the top of a building.

Reach Out to Manitex for Quality Knuckle Boom Cranes

Now that you understand the benefits of a knuckle boom crane, it’s time to find a reliable company that can supply you with quality lifting equipment. Get in touch with Manitex, and choose from a variety of reliable, high-capacity knuckle boom cranes today.

Manitex: High-Value Lifting Solutions For Your Knuckle Boom

Contactors, engineers, and sign erectors are just some of the people that make use of boom trucks and aerial work platforms regularly. When you’re looking to purchase crane equipment for your business, only trust a brand that offers top-notch and safe machines. Manitex is a brand that provides high-quality boom trucks and aerial work platforms for different lifting needs. Contact us if you’re in need of mobile cranes, boom lifts, or any other lifting equipment.

The Manitex Family: Better Products, Better Payback, Best Knuckle Boom

The Manitex family consists of the Manitex Boom Trucks and the SkyCrane Aerial Platforms and Sign Cranes. Manitex goes the extra mile to ensure that all of our models provide high-value lifting solutions for contractors, crane rental operators, and sign erectors, among others.

Aerial Work Platforms and Knuckle Booms

Aerial work platforms are used for various purposes. They vary in size and function, allowing users to get the right machine fit for their job. Here are some of the commonly used aerial work platforms:
• Knuckle Boom: The knuckle boom is similar to a standard crane, except the machine folds at the knuckle near the middle, hence, the name knuckle boom. This feature allows the user to fold the machine in any direction they need. Compared to a scissor or standard crane, a knuckle boom is more flexible.
• Boom Lift: The boom lift is a machine used to reach high areas that don’t require too much maneuvering. The smallest boom lift is about 40 feet while the tallest can be a staggering 180-foot machine.
• Scissor Boom: The scissor boom is an aerial work platform that has a maximum vertical reach of 50 feet. While it has a shorter reach compared to a boom lift, its designed with a retractable feature makes it easy to store. This is perfect for contractors who don’t need the staggering reach of a boom lift and need to save up on storage space.

Boom Trucks and Knuckle Booms

Boom trucks are aerial work platforms attached to a truck. They are designed for easy site transportation. Boom trucks are ideal for construction projects in which the workers need to move constantly. For example, a construction foreman leading a bridge-building project can make use of a boom truck so workers can perform specific tasks on aerial platforms.

The Manitex Promise On Your Knuckle Boom

Manitex is committed to providing clients with cost-efficient lifting solutions. With our array of boom trucks and aerial work platforms, we guarantee that we have the right equipment for all of your business’ lifting needs.
• Safety: At Manitex, our top priority is the reliability of our cranes and the safety of people that operate them. You can be confident that all of our lifting equipment have advanced safety features.
• Quality and Customer Satisfaction: In line with our promise of safety, we guarantee the quality of our cranes. Our equipment was built with customer satisfaction in mind. All of our boom trucks and aerial work platforms have passed the manufacturers’ product quality inspections.
• Service and Support: In the unlikely event that you are experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment, you can count on us to bring the help you need. The Manitex UpTime allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support for thousands of units every day. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot the problems you may be experiencing. You can easily get in touch with our support team by creating an account on our website.
• Dealer Network: Because we have a wide dealer network, we can guarantee that we will always be there for you when you need us. You can get in touch with us through our multiple representatives in different countries. 

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At Manitex, we pride ourselves on being able to offer value-for-money lifting solutions to thousands of customers every day. Check out our website to learn more about our boom trucks and aerial work platforms. You can also contact our sales representatives, and we’ll help you find the ideal lifting equipment for your business.