Manitex Inc. - Boom Trucks, SkyCrane Aerial Platforms, Sign Cranes

Manitex is a manufacturer of innovating new state-of-the-art lifting solutions to help our customers move forward. All models provide high-value lifting solutions for general contractors, sign erectors, roofers, crane rental operations, specialty services, precast and brick/block industries.

Manitex products include:
TC Series
CM Series
S Series
SC Series
WL Series
GT Series
Industrial Cranes

MAC - Knuckle boom cranes

MAC products include:
Small Cranes
Light Cranes
Medium Cranes
Heavy Cranes
Power Lift

Oil & Steel - Aerial Work Platforms

Oil&Steel is an industrial company that designs, manufactures and markets high quality platforms for overhead work all over the world.

O&S products include:
Self-Propelled Tracked Platforms
Truck Mounted Platforms on Light Commercial Vehicles
Truck Mounted Platforms on Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Truck Mounted Platforms on Off-Road Vehicles

Badger Equipment - Excavators and cranes

Badger Equipment manufactures specialized earthmoving, railroad and material handling equipment. The Winona, Minnesota company began operation in 1945 and since that time has built more than 10,000 units.

Badger products include:
470TM Telescoping Boom Excavator
CD4430R Rough Terrain Crane
RC80 Rail Cart

Little Giant - Railroad equipment

For more than a half century, Little Giant Corporation has been a name synonymous with the railroad industry in producing hydraulic track cranes and rail-dedicated, truck-mounted and rough-terrain material handlers.

Little Giant products include:
SPR48 Workrane
6430 Carrier Mounted Crane
64R Trakrane
4867R Hydro-Scopic Excavator
C64 Crawler
Factory Rebuilds

CF Lifters - Lifting devices

CF Lifters provide reliable and economical handling of metal sheets, plated, coils, and bundles. Our railroad products include rail lifters, threaders and tongs to position sections of rail for construction or maintenance projects.

CF Lifters products include:
Sheet Lifters
Panel Track Lifters
Multiple Rail Lifters
Rail Tongs

Manitex International

Our parent company, Manitex International, Inc., is a leading provider of engineered lifting solutions including boom trucks, rough terrain cranes, industrial cranes, trolley boom loader systems, articulating cranes and special mission oriented vehicles, including parts and service support.

Manitex International divisions include:
Crane Division
Material Handling Division
Crane and Machinery Division
Remarketing Division