Boom Truck

Often, during construction projects, there are areas that the average worker can’t reach on his or her own. This is where the boom truck comes in handy. The mobile boom truck is a must-have, not only at building sites, but also at sign maintenance projects, fire rescues, and even film sets. For projects that require hefty lifting and reaching almost-impossible heights, a boom truck is essential.

boom truck

Parts of a Boom Truck

The boom truck is incredibly versatile. It can perform three separate functions by combining three essential pieces of equipment: a hydraulic crane, a flatbed, and a personnel hoist. The hydraulic crane, mounted on the back of the boom truck, allows workers to lift heavy items from floor to roof, while the flatbed of the boom truck is simply used to transport items to and from different sites. The crane has a personnel hoist, which lifts workers in the air, is used to help workers get to high places quickly and safely. The crane with it's personnel hoist of a boom truck allows the workers on it to reach high or otherwise inaccessible areas and inspect sites from different angles. The boom truck is lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver. As a piece of service equipment, the boom truck is safe, efficient, and versatile, making it indispensable on a site that has multiple differing demands.

Uses of a Boom Truck

A boom truck has many uses in many fields, including, but not limited to, the following:
• Electric Utility and Telecom – The boom truck is important to the electric utility industry since it allows the workers to safely work on overhead electric power lines. Climbing electrical posts is tricky and, not to mention, a health hazard. The boom truck is crucial in this line of work since no other piece of equipment can transport one to two electrical line workers quickly and safely to where the power lines are.
• Lighting and Sign Maintenance – Before the boom truck, the companies who installed lights and billboards, as well as other types of signage, had to use ladders. However, ladders aren’t the safest piece of equipment to use for putting up signs, especially in high places. Now that the boom truck is available, workers who maintain the signs and lights can do their jobs safely, without fear of falling off.
• Construction – These days, it feels like the buildings are only getting higher, which is why the boom truck service remains essential on building sites. The boom truck doesn’t just help workers reach high places; it also aids service in transporting and lifting heavy equipment.
• Forestry, Tree Care, and Landscaping – Arborists, or professionals in cultivating, managing, and studying trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial plants, use the boom truck for tree care and removal.
• Fire Rescue – During a fire, going inside a house using the front door is sometimes not the only option. Firefighters save many people by using a boom truck to immediately get to anyone still stuck on the higher floors of a burning building. They can also use a boom truck to spray water right into the heart of the fire.
• Exterior Painting – It’s almost impossible to paint the exteriors of homes and buildings without a boom truck, especially if the building has more than three floors. With a boom truck, painters will be able to reach and paint every exterior space of your building.
• Window Washing – Washing the exterior of your windows is difficult, especially if the windows are situated on one of the top floors. No ladder on earth can be long enough. By using a boom truck, however, you’ll be able to clean every inch of your windows.

Your Boom Truck Will Help You Reach New Heights

The boom truck is irreplaceable. Many fields and industries will be at a loss without this incredibly versatile piece of equipment. If you are in need of a boom truck, turn to none other than Manitex. We provide high quality lifting equipment. Get in touch with us today!

Manitex: High-Value Lifting Solutions – Boom Truck

Contactors, engineers, and sign erectors are just some of the people that make use of boom trucks and work platforms regularly. When you’re looking to purchase crane equipment for your business, only trust a brand that offers top-notch and safe machines. Manitex is a brand that provides high-quality boom trucks and work platforms for different lifting needs. Contact us if you’re in need of mobile cranes, boom lifts, or any other lifting equipment.

The Manitex Family: Better Products, Better Payback, Best Boom Trucks

The Manitex family consists of the Manitex Boom Trucks and the SkyCrane Aerial Platforms and Sign Cranes. Manitex goes the extra mile to ensure that all of our models provide high-value lifting solutions for contractors, crane rental operators, and sign erectors, among others.

Aerial Work Platforms and Boom Trucks

Work platforms are used for various purposes. They vary in size and function, allowing users to get the right machine fit for their job. Here are some of the commonly used work platforms:
• Knuckle Boom: The knuckle boom is similar to a standard crane, except the machine folds at the knuckle near the middle, hence, the name knuckle boom. This feature allows the user to fold the machine in any direction they need. Compared to a scissor or standard crane, a knuckle boom is more flexible.
• Boom Lift: The boom lift is a machine used to reach high areas that don’t require too much maneuvering. The smallest boom lift is about 40 feet while the tallest can be a staggering 180-foot machine.
• Scissor Boom: The scissor boom is an work platform for air work that has a maximum vertical reach of 50 feet. While it has a shorter reach compared to a boom lift, its retractable feature makes it easy to store. This is perfect for contractors who don’t need the staggering reach of a boom lift and need to save up on storage space.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are aerial work platforms attached to a truck. They are designed for easy site transportation. Boom trucks are ideal for building projects in which the workers need for moving parts. For example, a construction foreman leading a bridge-building project can make use of a boom trucks operator so workers can perform specific tasks on platforms.

The Manitex Promise On Your Boom Truck

Manitex is committed to providing clients with cost-efficient lifting solutions. With our array of boom trucks and work platforms, we guarantee that we have the right equipment for all of your business’ lifting operator needs.
• Safety: At Manitex, our top priority is the reliability of our cranes and the safety of people that operate them. You can be confident that all of our lifting equipment have advanced safety features.
• Quality and Customer Satisfaction: In line with our promise of safety, we guarantee the quality of our cranes. Our equipment was built with customer satisfaction in mind. All of our boom trucks and work platforms have passed the manufacturers’ product quality inspections.
• Service and Support: In the unlikely event that you are experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment, you can count on us to provide the help you need. The Manitex UpTime allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support for thousands of units every day. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot the problems you may be experiencing. You can easily get in touch with our support team by creating an account on our website. 
• Dealer Network: Because we have a wide dealer network, we can guarantee that we will always be there for you when you need us. You can get in touch with us through our multiple representatives in different countries. 

Talk to Us About Your Boom Truck Needs

At Manitex, we pride ourselves on being able to offer value for money lifting solutions to thousands of customers every day. Check out our website to learn more about our boom trucks and work platforms today. You can also contact our sales representatives, and we’ll help you find the ideal lifting equipment for your business.