Boom Lift

Have you ever stared at a 100-foot concert stage and wondered how they were able to build it? These staggering pieces of architecture were created as well as maintained with the use of a boom lift. A boom lift is an aerial platform that allows you to reach high places. You can use a boom lift to get about 40–180 feet off the ground. A boom lift is mainly used for construction projects so that workers can perform specific tasks. The boom lift is an indispensable piece of equipment used in many projects. Learn more about what a boom lift is and how it used by different professionals in various industries.

boom lift

Who Can Use a Boom Lift?

Real estate developers, event organizers, contractors, project managers, and engineers are just some of the professionals that regularly use a boom lift. The main use of a boom lift is to allow users to extend to elevated areas. For example, an event organizer can use a boom lift to set up a 100-foot stage for an upcoming concert. Similarly, project managers in charge of building arterial pass roads can use a boom lift to install struts and walers on steel pilings that may be 30 feet off the ground.

Non-Construction Uses of a Boom Lift

While a boom lift is often used for a construction project, there are other ways you can make the most out of this aerial platform. Many businesses need a boom lift in their daily operations. Here are some other ways you can use this machine:
• Film Making: Cinematic aerial shots are aesthetically pleasing and are often used to emphasize specific scenes. You can use a boom lift to get a cameraman on an air platform so he can get the shots you need.
• Cleaning and Renovation: You can use a boom lift to extend to elevated places that need cleaning and renovation. For example, window washers can use the platform to clean 100-foot commercial establishments.
• Sports: Many sports coaches go to great lengths to create a solid playbook for their teams. If you manage a sports team, you will be able to get a better view of how your team performs when you are a few feet off the ground. For example, American football is a favorite sport in the U.S. If you stand on a boom lift, you will be able to see your team’s play from a bird’s eye view. This allows you to spot errors and devise tactics to properly address them.

Safety Reminders When Using a Boom Lift

• Scaffolding: You should never put scaffoldings, or even stepping boards, on a boom lift. Basically, anything that may cause you to slip and hurt yourself should not be on any type of elevated platform.
• Trained Operators: If you need to use a boom lift for your job, you should hire a trained operator to manage the machine. In addition, remember that the operator should never use a boom lift under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. In fact, he or she should be well-rested to ensure his or her safety and those around the machine.
• Electrical Wires: Electrocution is the common reason for accidental death or serious injury while using a boom lift. When using an elevated platform, you should maintain your distance from power lines and electrical wires.
• Safety Features: You should never attempt to override the safety features of a boom lift to avoid putting the workers in danger. Read the manual, inspect the equipment prior to use, and always follow the capacity limit.
• Trusted Brand: When choosing where to buy a boom lift, make sure you purchase from a trusted brand. The quality of your boom lift and other aerial stages is not something you can ignore. For high-quality aerial stages, check out Manitex. We offer top-notch boom trucks and other lifting equipment. Visit our website for more information!

Manitex: High-Value Lifting Solutions and Boom Lift

Contactors, engineers, and sign erectors are just some of the people that make use of boom trucks and aerial stages regularly. When you’re looking to purchase crane equipment for your business, only trust a brand that offers top-notch and safe machines. Manitex is a brand that provides high-quality boom trucks and aerial stages for different lifting needs. Contact us if you’re in need of mobile cranes, boom lifts, or any other lifting equipment.

The Manitex Family: Better Products, Better Payback, Best Boom Lifts

The Manitex family consists of the Manitex Boom Trucks and the SkyCrane Aerial Stages and Sign Cranes. Manitex goes the extra mile to ensure that all of our models provide high-value lifting solutions for contractors, crane rental operators, and sign erectors, among others.

Aerial Work Platforms and Boom Lifts

Aerial work platforms are used for various purposes. They vary in size and function, allowing users to get the right machine fit for their job. Here are some of the commonly used aerial stages:
• Knuckle Boom: The knuckle boom is similar to a standard crane, except the machine folds at the knuckle near the middle, hence, the name knuckle boom. This feature allows the user to fold the machine in any direction they need. Compared to a scissor or standard crane, a knuckle boom is more flexible.
• Boom Lift: The boom lift is a machine used to extend to high areas that don’t require too much maneuvering. The smallest boom lift is about 40 feet while the tallest can be a staggering 180-foot machine.
• Scissor Boom: The scissor boom is an aerial platform that has a maximum vertical reach of 50 feet. While it has a shorter reach compared to a boom lift, its retractable feature makes it easy to store. This is perfect for contractors who don’t need the staggering extension of a boom lift and need to save up on storage space.

Boom Trucks and Boom Lifts

Boom trucks are aerial stages attached to a truck. They are designed for easy site transportation. Boom trucks are ideal for building projects in which the workers need to move constantly. For example, a foreman leading a bridge-building project can make use of a boom truck so workers can perform specific tasks on aerial stages.

The Manitex Promise On Our Boom Lifts

Manitex is committed to providing clients with cost-efficient lifting solutions. With our array of boom trucks and aerial stages, we guarantee that we have the right equipment for all of your business’ lifting needs.
• Safety: At Manitex, our top priority is the reliability of our cranes and the safety of people that operate them. You can be confident that all of our lifting equipment have advanced safety features.
• Quality and Customer Satisfaction: In line with our promise of safety, we guarantee the quality of our cranes. Our equipment was built with customer satisfaction in mind. All of our boom trucks and aerial work stages have passed the manufacturers’ product quality inspections.
• Service and Support: In the unlikely event that you are experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment, you can count on us to provide the help you need. The Manitex UpTime allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support for thousands of units every day. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot the problems you may be experiencing. You can easily get in touch with our support team by creating an account on our website.
• Dealer Network: Because we have a wide dealer network, we can guarantee that we will always be there for you when you need us. You can get in touch with us through our multiple representatives in different countries. 

Talk to Us About Our Boom Lifts

At Manitex, we pride ourselves on being able to offer value-for-money lifting solutions to thousands of customers every day. Check out our website to learn more about our boom trucks and aerial work platforms. You can also contact our sales representatives, and we’ll help you find the ideal lifting equipment for your business.